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Everything you need to be an artist at Harrisburg Fringe

The 1st Annual Harrisburg Fringe Festival takes place July 6-9, 2023.


  • Shows drawn in the 2023 lottery must have a runtime between 0-60 minutes.

  • The time you have listed on your application is the MAXIMUM time allowed for your show. This cannot be adjusted unless you are reducing the performance run time. 

  • Artist groups are responsible for securing all rights, royalties, copyrights, and union waivers for published works or Equity actors. (Groups are responsible for proving a copy of these rights and royalties to the HBG Fringe). Failure to secure rights is grounds for removal of your show from the Festival. Proof of rights must be sent to the producer before your schedule is distributed to you. 

We remain a truly unjuried Fringe Festival via a lottery system. 

**Applications for the 2023 HBG Fringe are closed. If you would like to perform at one of our outdoor stages or are a visual artist, please contact OR

  • The ENTIRE application must be filled out in full to be considered for the Lottery. Harrisburg Fringe artists picked for the Festival are determined by a fair and random Lottery. Under no circumstances may any group sell their Harrisburg Fringe slot.

  • There is a non-refundable application fee to apply. 

  • The Application Fee is $50 until applications are due on April 23.

  • You may only apply as a producer or producing company for one show

  • When submitting your show, you must have a show title; TBA or TBD will not be accepted. You will have the opportunity to make tweaks to your title if selected in the lottery. If you do not type in a title, your show will not be considered for the lottery until adjusted.



The final deadline for all applications is 11:59 PM EST on April 23, 2023, to be considered for the lottery. This is absolute. Any application received after that will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist. Confirmations of application receipt are sent via Google Forms when the application is submitted. If confirmation is not received within 48 hours of delivery, or if you have questions about the application process, contact



The Producer/Main contact is responsible for all administrative and production correspondence from the lottery until the end of the festival. They will be making and receiving payments in their name and be responsible for all tax forms.  The information submitted cannot be changed once the application is complete. 


You cannot have the same producer for more than one production. If you are producing one show, and co-producing a second show, that is still producing more than one show, and both shows associated with the producer can be removed from the festival at any time. All producers and artists will be asked to sign a conflict of interest form listing all participation in the festival upon acceptance in the lottery.


Schedule requests can be submitted but are not guaranteed upon acceptance.

Understanding Payment

Your non-refundable application fee is due upon submission of your application. You will be ineligible for the lottery without this payment. It is not refundable under any circumstances. At the end of this application, you will pay your application fee. Application fees must be paid prior to the 11:59 pm EST deadline on April 23, 2023.


Remaining Fees

After the lottery, you will receive an offer based on your tier, number of performances, and performance length. If you do not pay the remaining balance within 72 hours of venue placement, you will automatically forfeit your space in the 2023 Festival.

Please see the chart below to understand the total cost that you will be charged if selected in the lottery.  

The remaining production fees are determined by the number of performances.


Please note, the number of preferred performances you select in your application may not be the number of performances you are offered if accepted to the lottery.

Tier 1 Table.png
Tier 2 Table.png

You will be responsible for getting the payment to us on time. Fringe accepts the following payment methods:

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • Discover

  • Personal Check

  • Money Order

  • Cashier’s Check

  • Cash


You are responsible for any fees associated with your payment; Harrisburg Fringe will NOT reimburse you for any fees your credit card or bank charges you. Additionally, international artists are responsible for any additional fees incurred because of exchange rates. Checks/credit cards will be submitted upon receipt; a $30 fee is assessed for all returned checks. Please contact for transaction receipts.



If you are chosen in the lottery and need to withdraw before April 30, 2023, at 11:59 PM, you will receive 100% of your production fees back. A 50% refund minus a 15% administrative penalty, will be available to all groups who withdraw between May 1st and May 15, 2023 at 11:59PM. NO REFUNDS will be issued if you need to withdraw after May 15 at 11:59PM unless it is due to death, health, or visa/customs issues, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If Harrisburg Fringe needs to cancel the entire festival, groups will receive a 100% refund– Any refunds will be issued via check, regardless of payment type, and can take up to 15 business days to process. We will not be offering deferment if the 2023 Festival is canceled.

Lottery Drawing

If needed, a lottery will determine the artists accepted in to the 2023 Harrisburg Fringe Festival. Applicants in the lottery are first drawn in association with their geographical area for each Tier. The order you are selected in the lottery, along with your venue preference, runtime, technical requirements, and venue restrictions will all be factored into your venue placement. You are not guaranteed to be placed in the venue you requested. Be aware that if you are drawn late in the tier lottery, this could push you to the waitlist. Fringe reserves the right to change or add venues at any time.


We maintain a waitlist to fill empty slots. The waitlist order is determined by order drawn in the original lottery; number/ranking on the waitlist is assigned in the order placed on the waitlist. You may withdraw from the waitlist at any time – you will not be refunded your application fee. Groups may NOT increase their show length/running times after the application is submitted.

National and International Artists Housing

Harrisburg Fringe has limited FREE billeting (housing) for all National and International Artists, up to 4 members per company. Harrisburg Fringe will try to accommodate larger groups, but housing is not guaranteed.

International artists are responsible for securing their own Visa to enter the United States. More information can be found at


The Harrisburg Fringe Application Process

To submit an application to the lottery for the 2023 Harrisburg Fringe, you must click the link below and complete the linked form. Your application is not valid until the non-refundable application payment is received by Harrisburg Fringe. The application fee cost is $25 from March 1 at NOON until 11:59pm on March 15, then the price increases on March 16 to $50 until applications are due on March 31 at 5:00pm. 

Only one application per producer/production company may apply, and you must select only one tier. If there is more than one submission for the same show, your application may be pulled at the discretion of the Theatre Producer.

Application submissions are final when payment is received and there are no refunds or changes to tier, extensions of showtimes, or producer/production company. If you need and did not receive confirmation stating your application was successfully submitted, please contact Co-Producers Chris Gibson at and Brianna Dow at

Applications are Closed


If chosen for the Harrisburg Fringe, you will be given more deadlines and important dates, but for now, these are the ones you need to know:

Dates & Deadlines

Lottery Applications Open - Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Lottery Applications Deadline - Friday, March 31, 2023


Performance Dates & Times Announced - May 1, 2023

Tickets On-Sale - June 1, 2023

Tech Rehearsals - July 3-5, 2023

Performances - July 6-9, 2023

Applicants must have ZERO conflicts during all tech and performance dates to apply. No schedule accommodations are guaranteed.

When will you find our if you’re chosen?

Fringe staff will make every effort to accommodate as many groups as possible into the Festival. If you are matched with a venue, you will receive an offer from Harrisburg Fringe within a week of the lottery. The remaining fees (venue & length costs) are due within 72 hours after the offer is made.


If you are applying for the lottery and are selected for participation, Harrisburg Fringe will provide you with your show schedule no later than May 1, 2023.

Each group will receive a variety of showtimes, including peak and off-peak times.

Fringe makes no scheduling accommodations for artists doing multiple shows.
It is important that your company is available during the operating hours of Fringe without conflicts.
Weekday performances will begin as early as 6:00 PM or as late as Midnight.
Weekend performances will begin as early as 11 AM or as late as Midnight.

Tech Rehearsals

Tech rehearsals begin Monday, July 3rd. You will receive more information about tech upon acceptance to the festival.

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