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Below are the shows being offered at the 2023 Fringe Festival. Scroll through to view the ratings, content warnings, show descriptions, and other information regarding each specific performance.


All the Things - HoodLife Productions

Awakened from sleep, Keith grapples with insecurities, fears, and absurd anecdotes involving a goose named Melvin and things he wants to say to his girlfriend, Jenny.

Paul Hood is a Playwright/Author/Director/ Freelance Writer/ Photographer and Actor from Harrisburg, PA. A Broadway World Nominee and Harrisburg Magazine’s Simply the Best Actor winner for 2022. As a Playwright, his produced plays include: Atrophy, The Itch of Gloria Fitch, My Electric Life, The Imposter’s Snow Cone Machine, Apostle of Freedom, and most recently, Pieces, (Theatre Harrisburg) along with his acclaimed plays, Freedom’s Eve and, Kill Keller, which was produced by Narcisse Theatre Company, where he is currently Artist in Residence. Other plays include: The Sequin Royale and Happy Hour, part of Bare Bones Theatre Ensemble’s New Play Workshop Series in 2020. His workshop production: African Company: The Mystery of the African Grove Theatre was featured in January 2022 for the Shakespeare Theatre Associations “Classics Fest” at Gamut Theater, located in downtown Harrisburg’s Arts District. This fall, The Pharmacy Theatre Company will produce his touching drama, Orchid As a Director Hood’s credits include: Cirrius Nebraska, Web of Murder, Blacktop Sky, Superior Donuts, Topdog/Underdog, Nat Turner in Jerusalem, Closing Doors and Niel Simon’s Come Blow Your Horn. As an actor he has appeared in The Mother****** with the Hat, Waiting for Godot, My Electric Life, Lizzie Borden, Lizzie Borden, and Rashomon along with the short films, Heard, Excuse Me, and The Neighborhood. An esteemed guest Artist for York College of Pennsylvania’s Theatre Program and a Content Creator for Black Newsbeat, Hood is thrilled to be part of Harrisburg’s inaugural Fringe Festival!

Running Time: 25 minutes


Thursday, July 6: 6:20 PM

Saturday, July 8: 8:00 PM

Sunday, July 9: 4:15 PM

Content Warnings: Contains adult language and references to drug use.

Rating: PG-13

Artist's Care - Erin Shellenberger

Produced by The Association for Mental Health Coordinators

The life of a creator comes with incredible joy and sometimes equally stifling sorrow. That doesn’t mean, however, that artists must suffer to create. And compelling stories ethically told can transform the narrative about mental health in the arts. 

In her fearlessly honest one-woman show, local independent actor and Artistic Mental Health Practitioner Erin Shellenberger will tell tales of despair and hope that illuminate the complexities of artistic mental wellness while examining how existing structures affect creators physically and mentally. 

You’ll come away from the performance-inspired, uplifted, and equipped with concrete tools every artist can use to create healthy, professional, accessible, and inclusive work.

Running Time: 60 minutes


Saturday, July 8: 1:15 PM

Sunday, July 9: 2:05 PM

Content Warnings: Mental illness and ableism, self-harm and suicide, eating disorders, body hatred and fatphobia.

Rating: PG

Artist's Care.jpg
Black Excellence Poster.jpg

Black Excellence: A Fashion Documentary - Davis Multi Media LLC

What started out as an idea for a collaborative photoshoot among friends during the COVID-19 pandemic to highlight local Black businesses and creatives among times of heightened racial tension that divided the country turned into what is believed to be the first fashion documentary in the area. “Black Excellence” showcases the inspiring original talent that embodies what the phrase is all about: being unapologetically bold and forever going beyond the limits attempted to be placed upon the culture. The film highlights eight businesses and brands: iROX BEAUTY, Mean Style Boutique, Radiantly U, Beni Models Inc., Anthony James, Tia Lynette Style, Gym Bullyz and Fashion Over Foolishness. The footage depicts interviews, poetry, narration, art, and modeling sessions that give a visual as to what “Black Excellence” is all about.

Running Time: 50 minutes


Friday, July 7: 9:35 PM

Saturday, July 8: 6:25 PM

Content Warnings: 

Rating: PG

Core Memory Poster.jpg

Core Memory / Align

Running Time: 45 minutes

Core Memory is the multimedia project of brothers McKinley and Harrison Foster. Drawing on electronic influences of musicians such as Four Tet and Caribou, NYC based McKinley Foster writes instrumental music that combines elements of lofi, synths, and advanced guitar work. Harrison Foster, based in LA, uses his background in lighting design to create adaptive visuals to McKinley’s music for live performances. “Align,” Core Memory’s debut album, explores what it means to find balance and stay grounded, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Using spoken word, adaptive visual technology,  and a variety of instrumental techniques, their live show provides stunning visuals and dazzling musicianship that ask the audience, “What memories made you who you are?”


Friday, July 7: 8:30 PM

Saturday, July 8: 11:00 PM

Content Warnings: 

Rating: G

Cosmic Trash: Helping You with Your Garbage Problems with a Semblance of Spirituality

Our Cosmic Trash tarot readers have been wowing the crowds across the state, handing out advice while ignoring their own inner guidance. Their ancestors, inner child, and guardian angel have been tasked to awaken each to their own purpose- yet the pull of the ego is strong. Will they wake up to their own self-sabotage? Will the ancestors give up?  Will the Goddess of the Crossroads, reveal her true nature or continue to pull the strings behind the scenes? Join us and be a part of this wild and crazy ride called Cosmic Trash!


A diverse, female ensemble of comedic improvisers take you on a hilarious, spiritual journey toward enlightenment. No two shows are ever the same and scene by scene, things are not always what they seem. Whatever your garbage problems are—Cosmic Trash is here to help you solve them—and work through some of their own—with satirical tarot card readings and perhaps a few other mystical twists and turns.

Tarot Readers: Ashley Mahdavi,  Lisa Hollenbach, Shamia Terry, and Vanessa Gonzalez Codorniu 

MC/Divine Janitor/Goddess of the Crossroads: Janet Bixler 

Inner Child, Ancestors, and Guardian Angel: Amandine Pope, Andi Taroli, Carol Chromicky, and Lisa Lutton Weitzman

Running Time: 45 minutes


Saturday, July 8: 9:35 PM

Sunday, July 9: 4:00 PM

Content Warnings: We make fun of pop astrology and spirituality- if there is a guru or cult scene we could be pointing out sexism, classism or misogyny (not in support of it), if there are no under 18 in the audience we may drop some F-bombs but if there are we clean it up, we may be a pregnant character or one that is now in spirit after it crossed over, we have ancestor scenes and characters getting help from them 

Rating: PG-13

Promo Cosmic Trash  (1).jpg
CYOP - Curse of the Werewolf - Promo Image.jpg

Curse of the Werewolf - Choose Your Own Play

In this immersive piece of "game theatre," YOU are one of three young triplets in a fantasy Victorian London, charged with saving your sister from succumbing to THE CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF, placed on your family by a vindictive witch. Vote in real-time with fellow audience members on your quest, and try to get the best of eight possible endings!

Choose Your Own Play has created immersive and interactive pieces of game-theatre since 2017. The protagonist is YOU. The choices you make dramatically affect the outcome of the story. The actors have to learn WAY more than you'll ever see onstage in a single performance. Choose Your Own Play began with four friends spitballing ideas about their next theatre project. The idea started as a joke, as something absurd and impossible. But after months of outlining the plot, creating the rules, testing the parameters, and finally handing 100+ page scripts to a bunch of actors who were ready to have a good time, Choose Your Own Play came to life and was truly electrifying. Previous Choose Your Own Plays include Space Vampire and Hijacked!, both adapted from stories by Edward Packard. Curse of the Werewolf marks CYOP's first fully original creation, and it is sure to change the way you think about live theatre!

Running Time: 60 minutes


Friday, July 7: 6:00 PM

Saturday, July 8: 11:00 AM

Sunday, July 9: 5:20 PM

Content Warnings: Death or Dying

Rating: PG-13

The Drowning Girls - Sixty Some Mormonts

Directed by Chris Krahulec

Three Brides.  Three Tubs.  Three Crimes.  One mystery.  

Emerging from their claw foot tubs, Bessie, Alice and Margaret share their evidence , recount their lives and begin to fully depict the murderous men they have encountered.   A ghost story with a chilling twist and based on REAL EVENTS!

This acclaimed Canadian play was written by Beth Graham, Charlie Tomlinson, and Daniela Vlaskalic.

Running Time: 55 minutes


Thursday, July 6 at 8:00 PM

Friday, July 7 at 7:30 PM

Friday, July 7 at 9:30 PM

Saturday, July 8: 7:30 PM

Saturday, July 8: 9:30 PM

Sunday, July 9: 6:15 PM

Content Warnings: Murder, killing , Drowning, Violence

Rating: PG-13

Drowning Girls Poster.jpg

elizalphabeth - Lizness Sense


1. the sophomore solo show written, directed, and performed by Elizabeth Curtis, with two performances at Narçisse Theatre during Harrisburg’s inaugural Fringe Festival
“I am going to Harrisburg Fringe Festival and want to check out elizalphabeth.”

2. an interactive experiment in performative vulnerability produced by Lizness Sense featuring elements of literally everything
“I can’t decide if I’m going to see elizalphabeth Friday July 7th at 6:50pm or Saturday July 8 at 1:20pm.”

An engaging experiment in performative vulnerability featuring elements of literally everything! 


Friday, July 7: 6:50 PM

Saturday, July 8: 1:20 PM

Running Time: 60 minutes

Content Warnings: Sexual assault, self harm, suicide, eating disorders, body hatred, death, abortion, mental illness and ableism, sexism, swears and curses, nudity

Rating: R

Gold - Break/Fast Productions **Preview**

Running Time: 5 minutes


Showtimes Coming Soon

Content Warnings: Swears or Curses

Rating: PG

Blurry Drops
Gospel for Website.png

The Gospel According To… - Regina Gail Malloy

In The Gospel According To…, Regina Gail portrays Missionary Lenora Hammond who takes the audience on a Spirit-filled journey as she shares her courageous, celebratory testimony of triumph over the tragedy at various stages of her life.


Interwoven throughout this compelling story are classic hymns and soul-stirring gospel songs that convey the powerful transformation of a broken vessel whose life was forever changed by the unconditional, all-encompassing, and everlasting Love of God. Audiences are encouraged to grab some tissues, put on their shouting shoes, and get ready for a miraculous journey of healing and restoration!

Running Time: 60 minutes


Saturday, July 8: 7:45 PM

Sunday, July 9: 3:40 PM

Content Warnings: Domestic Violence, Abandonment, Sexual Abuse, Abortion, Suicidal Ideation

Rating: PG-13

Grabbing the Hammer Lane: A Trucker Narrative - Harbour Workshop

Grabbing the Hammer Lane: A Trucker Narrative is a searing play about prodigal rebellion and fleeting moments for redemption. Matt, a long-haul trucker hits the road to find himself and the freedom he desires—only to become imprisoned overtime in a steel cell on 18 wheels. Clarence remains at home, diminishing with the passage of time and from the anguish he bears from losing the love he pushed away. With humor, grit, and in-your-face honesty, Hammer Lane chronicles the lives of these two men living different sides of one story—a story about rejection, regret, separation, and the devastating consequences of rage-fueled choices. It offers an intimate glimpse of a final reckoning after a six-million-mile journey back home. 

Written by David M. Proctor 

Starring David M. Proctor

Co-Directed by David M. Proctor and Marlon Burnley

A Harbour Workshop Production

Running Time: 60 minutes


Thursday, July 6: 7:10 PM

Friday, July 7: 9:30 PM

Saturday, July 8: 6:35 PM

Content Warnings: Death and Dying, Mental illness/health, one racial slur, Swear and curses

Rating: PG-13

Harbour Workshop Logo.png
Hairstory Show Art.png

HairStory: Reclaiming our crown, a choreopoem  by Maria James-Thiaw - Reclaim Artist Collective

Reclaim Artist Collective & The Harrisburg (PA) Chapter of the Links Incorporated present HairStory: Reclaiming Our Crown, the digital production of May's sold-out performance! HairStory follows Aleyah, a Black journalist, who is not happy with her assignment to cover Black-owned beauty shops for the fashion beat. The experience is more than she bargained for. Will Aleyah follow the guidance of the ancestors out of trauma and into Truth?  

"An immensely moving and powerful work of art." ~ Broadway World

Running Time: 60 minutes


Friday, July 7: 6:20 PM

Saturday, July 8: 8:00 PM

Sunday, July 9: 3:45 PM

Content Warnings: Stories of Racial Trauma and Physical Abuse 

Rating: G

Headspace - Frederick D. Miller

Headspace is a memory play about a college student and a really crappy semester he had. It is most definitely NOT a play about a breakup. Not even in the slightest. Maybe a plant. But that's like all it is. There's also a lot of Tennessee Williams, beer, and sticky notes. Lots of sticky notes.

Frederick D. Miller is a Pittsburgh, PA-based playwright and dramaturg. His play Charley/Nik/Charlie/Nick received its world premiere at Harrisburg Area Community College in April 2023. His plays Outcasts, Moving Day, and Shattered have received developmental readings at Penn State University. Miller is a frequent scriptwriter for concerts at Feinstein's/54 Below in New York City and is the resident dramaturg for J2 Spotlight, an Off-Broadway theatre company. He is a proud 2018 graduate of Cumberland Valley High School and is a frequent guest artist with the musical and drama programs. Frederick holds a BA in Theatre and Comparative Literature from Penn State and is a current PhD student in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Written by and starring Frederick D. Miller

Featuring Scott Sealover as Tom


Directed by Sebastian Trainor

Original Score by Leah Mullen

Sound Design by Carter Celgin

Dramaturgy Consultation by Rachael Powles

Stage Managed by Olivia Ramsey

Running Time: 55 minutes


Saturday, July 8: 4:35 PM

Sunday, July 9: 7:00 PM

Content Warnings: Mental illness, depression, homophobia, religious trauma, adult language, sexual encounters.

Rating: PG-13

Promo #1.png

Lodi & Chewdo Ju - So Cool Productions

!?YALL READY!? Join Harrisburg-based hip-hop artists Lodi and Chewdo Ju, who will bring you an hour of pure vibes, energy, and bars! Come to Narçisse Theatre and listen to songs you’ve heard and loved and new songs you haven’t heard yet and are bound to fall in love with!

Running Time: 60 minutes


Friday, July 7: 8:30 PM

Saturday, July 8: 3:00 PM

Sunday, July 9: 5:20 PM

Content Warnings: Explicit Language

Rating: X

Mark Pleases You. - Mark Vigeant

For his entire life, performer Mark Vigeant did everything he possibly could to make everyone around him happy. The moment he decides to change gears and focus on himself, a freak accident kills him onstage. After being sent directly to hell, Mark is given one chance to convince his 12-year-old self not to be a people-pleaser. The only problem? Mark hates that fat stupid idiot. A high-energy, deeply personal, extremely silly exploration of people-pleasing.

Winner - Best of the Fest, 11th Annual San Diego Inernational Fringe Festival 2023
Winner - Cultural Exchange - New Zealand scholarship, San Diego Fringe Festival 2023
Directed by:

Joanna Simmons

Mark Vigeant is a comedian based in Los Angeles. His high-energy, extremely silly, and deeply personal solo show Mark Pleases You is currently touring Fringe Festivals across the world. He hosts the monthly kids-show-for-adults Uncle Mark’s Funhouse at Public Displays of Altadena, and co-hosts the monthly chaotic variety show Kookoo Banaynay at the Yard Theater. He is a co-host of the children’s sports podcast Game On on Audible, and writes for the daily wisdom and meditation series The Daily Jay on Calm.

His first solo show, Let’s Make a Website, had a sold-out run at UCB in New York before touring the country from the Kennedy Center to Comedy Central’s Clusterfest. His lo-fi, fast-paced sketch group OSFUG had a sold-out monthly show at UCB for 5 years. Other shows at UCB include An Evening with the Trumpet Boys, Dorothy Goes to Hollywood, Ocean’s Lake and Maude Night.

He recently sunset his monthly tech-based variety show Internet Explorers that he created and hosted with Sam Reece at Caveat in New York. Each month, Mark & Sam brought audiences into corners of the World Wide Web with guest experts and comedians. He now generally prefers to be offline.

Joanna Simmons is a writer/director living in New York City. Previous work at Edinburgh Fringe- "I'm Coming" (director/co-creator), 2019. Recent work in NYC- wrote and directed two plays in 2022- OutofTouch @ The Tank and SpaceLoveContinuum @ Caveat. She has directed over 20 solo shows, countless comedy shows, and taught classes on solo show creation and creative writing. A self-proclaimed, "Story Midwife", She'd love to help you get your next show out of your head! Find me on Instagram - joannaksimmons

Running Time: 60 minutes


Thursday, July 6: 6:00 PM

Friday, July 7: 8:20 PM

Saturday, July 8: 8:05 PM

Content Warnings: Swears, Partial nudity, talk of sexuality (masturbation, shame, etc)

Rating: PG-13

MarkPleasesYou award smaller.jpg
masque graphic.jpg

The Masque of the Red Death - Anthony Pieruccini Music

Enter the twisted world of Edgar Allan Poe's The Masque of the Red Death in this rock musical adaptation. With an eerie score by award-winning composer Tony Wayne, this rock experience is a haunting exploration of death, disease, and the darkness of the human soul.


Set in a decaying castle during a deadly plague, Masque of the Red Death follows the depraved Prince Prospero as he throws a lavish masked ball to escape the horrors of the outside world. But as the night wears on and the revelers succumb to their fears and desires, a mysterious figure in a red mask appears, unleashing a terrifying plague that will test the limits of the prince's decadent lifestyle.


With a talented band, The Masque of the Red Death is a visceral and stunning evening of music that will transport you to the world of Poe’s classic.

Running Time: 60 minutes


Friday, July 7: 9:55 PM

Saturday, July 8: 6:10 PM

Content Warnings: Death/dying and blood are mentioned, but not shown. 

Rating: PG

Never Too Late - Vidjam

Running Time: 60 minutes

Never Too Late is the first Collective Film facilitated by Vidjam, with stories woven together by five teams of local filmmakers. The film carries themes of grief, purpose, familial obligation, societal expectation, and moving on.

Vidjam is a Central Pennsylvania-based non-profit dedicated to supporting and promoting the art of filmmaking and encouraging new filmmakers. Since 2015, Vidjam has worked to build a filmmaking community and provide a creative outlet for current and aspiring filmmakers through workshops, competitions, and other collaborative opportunities.

The filmmakers/production companies involved with the Collective Film are Newfoundland Films, Sam Miller, Screaming Pictures, the Stray Cat Collective, and Wally Films.


Friday, July 7: 8:00 PM

Saturday, July 8: 4:50 PM

Content Warnings: Mild Violence, Self Harm, Death

Rating: R


Nobody Likes You When You're 23 (or 24): A Neofuturist Show - Cool It Cowboy Production Co.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR UNLIKEABLE FEMALE PROTAGONISTS!!! Nobody Likes You When You’re 23 (or 24) - A Neofuturist Play is an abstract coming-of-age show that bridges melodrama with comedy. Just like stretch marks, this play is all about growing pains. Join us for an interactive and experimental performance where YOU decide what happens next! 

Cool It Cowboy Production Co. was founded in spring of 2023 by local theatre professional, Alexandra Johnson. The core company is currently female run and supported by like minded artists that understand the principles of “the time is NOW; the place is HERE; and you are who YOU ARE”. We are all about embracing the abstract and experimental, revitalizing the classical, and giving voice to the masses. Plays, concerts, films, and a literary publication - an online journal with select print options for disbursement. With collaborators in PA, NYC, DC and more, this Harrisburg based company enlivens the local art scene while extending its reach throughout the country and internationally.

Running Time: 60 minutes


Thursday, July 6: 10:40 PM

Saturday, July 8: 5:00 PM

Sunday, July 9: 12:40 PM

Content Warnings: Eating Disorder + Anxiety 

Rating: PG-13

Not Coffee (Because it's a Neo-Futurist Show) - Little Kids in an Aquarium

Not Coffee (Because It’s a Neofuturist Show) is a collaboration between our ensemble to bring you the funniest show imaginable. It is neo-futurism but x1,000 funny. Not Coffee will be a sleep-deprived, caffeine-induced fever dream (for us, not you, don't worry). We have loud plays, interactive plays, and uncomfortable ones too! Can’t wait to see you there. And as always, the time is now, the place is here, you are who you are!

Little Kids in an Aquarium (LKA) is an up-and-coming Harrisburg-based experimental theatre company specializing in neofuturism. They are very funny. Trust us. We know. They also do sad and dramatical stuff sometimes. So look out for that. You will cry.

Running Time: 60 minutes


Thursday, July 6: 8:00 PM

Saturday, July 8: 2:55 PM

Content Warnings: Cursing, racism/racial slurs, mental illness and ableism, homophobia/heterosexism, pornographic content

Rating: PG-13

One Promo Full.jpg

One: An opera scene for 2 sopranos, vibraphone and piano - Nicholas Werner

Written by: Nicholas Werner
Directed by: Stacey D. Werner

Kayla Capone Casper, Woman
Sarah Anne Hughes, Counterpart

George Michael Clements, Vibraphone
Nick Werner, Piano

Running Time: 20 minutes


Friday, July 7: 7:10 PM

Saturday, July 8: 3:30 PM

Content Warnings: Talk of spousal abuse, alcoholism, and suicide. Suicide is portrayed in a fantastical way. 

Rating: PG

PARANOIA: A New Musical Presentation - Clothespin Ensemble

Overwhelmed and dealing with looming college applications, heartbreak, and low-self esteem, the seniors of North Pond High enroll in a game of Assassins as a chance to cut loose and forget their daily stressors. This light-hearted family-friendly musical includes an array of characters: a brainy girl, a loner, a theatre kid, an athletic guy, and more all throw their hat in the ring…but who will come out on top?

PARANOIA is an original musical by Sydney Crutcher, Jimmy Kohlmann, and Jeremy Berdin. For Fringe you can expect a "staged-singing" of songs from the show featuring: Maggie Haynes, Adria McGarry, Brittany Grove, Brian Silva, Sydney Crutcher, Jeremy Berdin, and Jimmy Kohlmann.

Clothespin Ensemble's mission is to create theatrical works that lead us toward a more diverse, inclusive, reflective, and inspiring theatrical canon.

Running Time: 60 minutes


Saturday, July 8: 9:20 PM

Sunday, July 9: 5:20 PM

Content Warnings: N/A

Rating: G

Paranoia HBG Fringe.png
Untitled design.png

Pelt Room Peep Show - Legs Akimbo

Running Time: 50 minutes


Friday, July 7: 10:10 PM

Saturday, July 8: 10:45 PM

The Pelt Room Peep Show is a steaming hot varietease experience, featuring burlesque, drag, and sideshow! Hosted by Legs Akimbo, this showcase features performances by Frankie Debonaire, Seija Syren, Nebula Nova, Harlow Wyntour, Sible Sible Stackhouse, and more surprise guests from across Central PA. We recommend bringing your dollars to tip the performers and enjoy the full experience. This show will sell out fast - end your evening with a bang and get your tickets now!

Content Warnings: Nudity/suggestive Content, Foul Language

Rating: PG-13

Pyre - The Orpheus Theatre Company

Scotland, 1614. A bloody omen. A missed warning. A knock at the door. A dark and stormy night brings a priest to the Fenton's door. It may already be too late- some darkness took root there long before.

Home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, The Orpheus Theatre Company brings new and challenging work to the stage. Along with new works, we revitalize long-known classics with a modern (if not post-modern) perspective. 

Together, we will interrogate the ca

Running Time: 60 minutes


Thursday, July 6: 8:20 PM

Saturday, July 8: 2:00 PM

Sunday, July 8: 11:00 AM

Content Warnings: Blood, Death/Dying, Violence

Rating: PG-13

Orpheus Pyre - Promo Photo 03.jpg

Rhythm and Rhymes - swamprat

Rhythm and Rhymes is an improvisation-focused, fully live hip hop performance presented by swamprat, a local beatmaker/drummer.  The performance will consist of freestyle rapping from featured collaborators Thelonius (of Harrisburg) and Sir Dominique Jordan (of Lancaster) with additional surprise guests, accompanied by live beatmaking by swamprat on the MPC (sampler/drum machine) and on the drums, with support from additional guest musicians.

swamprat is a beatmaker, drummer, multi-instrumentalist and improviser currently residing in New Cumberland, PA.  He has been playing drums for over 20 years, has been involved in the musical free improvisation community for 5 years, and has been focusing on beatmaking for around 2 years.  swamprat takes inspiration from beatmakers/producers including J Dilla, Madlib, Danger Mouse, and MF DOOM, and from drummers including Chris Dave, Ahmir Thompson, Anderson .Paak and Ian Chang.

Running Time: 60 minutes


Saturday, July 8: 9:05 PM

Sunday, July 9: 7:00 PM

Content Warnings: The performance will include improvised lyrics, so specific content is not known, but it will possibly include: profanity,  mentions of traumatic experiences, mental health struggles, experiences of violence, etc.  Expressing prejudicial/hateful views (i.e., misogyny, transphobia, etc.) will be off the table, but mentions of experiencing hate may be included.

Rating: PG-13

Ridiculous Nicholas Family Comedy Variety Show - Ridiculous Nicholas Entertainment 

Ridiculous Nicholas Comedy Variety Show is a gut-busting,

jaw-dropping, hodge podge of various skills, comedy, and unique and inventive stunts all performed by one professional ding-dong, otherwise known as Ridiculous Nicholas. You'll witness skills such as ping-pong ball mouth juggling, dancing, miming, foot juggling while jumping rope, and lots of unique inventions. Steve Morrison of the Preston and Steve Show called him an "Entertainment Hand Grenade". This show is appropriate for all ages and is enjoyed by kids and adults, alike. Whatchu waitin' for? Let's Get Ridiculous!

Nicholas Polini (Ridiculous Nicholas) graduated from Penn State with a degree in biology and lived the next 4 years as a fish biologist, then the following 4 years as a cellular/molecular biologist. In 2020, like a lot of people, Nick reflected deeply on his life and decided after the pandemic was over, he was going to change his life for the better and attempt to live out his long-term dream: To become a full-time entertainer. In 2021, he hung up his lab coat one last time and started his own solo entertainment business, performing for kids and adults, catalyzing laughter and smiles (instead of chemical reactions!). He's currently on a quest to become one of the most skilled variety entertainers in the world. Follow his journey on social media- Instagram & Tiktok: @thatsridiculousnicholas

Running Time: 60 minutes


Thursday, July 6: 8:00 PM

Saturday, July 8: 3:15 PM

Sunday, July 9: 7:00 PM

Content Warnings: N/A

Rating: PG

Ridiculous Nicholas Promo Image.jpg
same each (1).png

Same Each

Same Each is the name of both the artist and the show! Come expecting a frantic variety of theatrical performances including original music, comedy, poetry, improv, and special guests. Don't miss this unapologetic exploration of an artist leaning into all the things that light her up while refusing to specialize. This is not like any show you've seen (as far as you know).


Same Each is the alias of Tyler Chick (she/they), a Harrisburg-based generalist artist. Tyler has performed on teams like "Baby," "Barbra," and "Rockstar Goes SuperNova" at the Harrisburg Improv Theatre since 2014, where she coaches and teaches musical improv, and has acted in community theater since 2017. She also performs original music as Same Each and plays lead guitar for songwriter Autumn Sky Hall. Tyler creates film and writes sketch comedy, poetry, short stories, and recently completed their first stage play.

Running Time: 60 minutes


Thursday, July 6: 7:25 PM

Saturday, July 8: 6:20 PM

Sunday, July 9: 2:35 PM

Content Warnings: Swearing, substance abuse, sexual content, death

Rating: R

Spit & Spat's This or That - Produced By Us

Created By and Starring:

Michael Fisher, Michael Martone, and Chandler D. Harris

Produced By Us & Occultothorp


A mixed media spiral into VHS hell.


When a burnt out warlock and a pair of transdimensional helper imps are sent to teach their sleep deprived target about the ABCs of Conscious Living, realities become corrupted. Out of pocket antics and head popping visuals make this 2 Day Rental a must see!


Instagram: @spit_and_spat / @occultothorp

TikTok: @spitandspat

Running Time: 60 minutes


Thursday, July 6: 6:20 PM

Saturday, July 8: 9:35 PM

Content Warnings: Swears, Violence, Sexuality

Rating: R

poster spiral R.jpg
Fringe Fest flyer square alt.jpg

Tomato Jake's Super Karaoke Hour 64!

“Tomato Jake’s Super Karaoke Hour 64!” is a live interactive show where the audience are the stars! Folks are encouraged to sign up and perform alongside Tomato Jake as he blisters through the immense Tomato Jake and Tomato Face catalog. There will be thrills, there will be chills, there will be utter chaos.

Running Time: 60 minutes


Thursday, July 6: 9:05 PM

Saturday, July 8: 4:40 PM

Sunday, July 9: 12:55 PM

Content Warnings: Grotesque Themes, Slight Swears. 

Rating: PG-13

Until The Real Thing Comes Along - C. Woods Work

…imma set the mood right

Let me make you feel alright with beats strong enough to force you to sink into a state of consciousness and flow. This is a dance show landscaping black music and cinema to access the histories of matriarchs past and present. This embodiment exposes one’s bandwidth through the 4D realms while taking back the narrative of protecting and honoring what Mary J. Blige calls it, that REAL LOVE!

Created and performed by: C. Woods
Film by: James Klippel
Photo Credits: Rachel Keane

Running Time: 60 minutes


Thursday, July 6: 9:30 PM

Saturday, July 8: 12:30 PM

Sunday, July 9: 6:50 PM

Content Warnings: Cursing, Partial Nudity, Mental Health Struggles

Rating: PG-13

Until The Real Thing Comes Along CWoodsWork.png

We're Here - Wednesday Nights

“The Island” - a lovable jerk - wants to prove that we all still talk. They hold a shady ticket salesman and an extravagant theatre-going woman hostage to demonstrate. Written by Megan Rivkin and directed by Catalina Beltrán, We’re Here is a fifty-minute surreal play set in scenic Midtown, Manhattan. We’re Here includes sex, love, allergies, sadness, wealth, family, (big) apples, acting, and maybe even sex. This is where you are right now.

Formed in 2020 at Tufts University, Wednesday Nights develops new plays together, generally outdoors. Our plays are sweet, funny, surreal, and most importantly, relatively short. We're interested in love and sex, gender, anger, death, humiliation, and being funny. We also make plays about those things. You may have seen us performing in a Somerville backyard, in the Middlesex Fells Reservation, at Providence Fringe, or in Central Park. 

Running Time: 60 minutes


Thursday, July 6: 9:40 PM

Friday, July 7: 7:00 PM

Saturday, July 8: 11:45 AM

Content Warnings: Death, Mental Illness, Sexism, Classism, Swears/Curses, References to Sexual Content

Rating: PG-13

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