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What is the fringe?

Harrisburg Fringe Festival provides a space and opportunity for artists to emerge and showcase their talents and craft. The Fringe is 4-days in July, filled with live entertainment, unique theatre experiences, kid-friendly shows and activities, visual art displays, and more. It's a full celebration of independent artists.

Venues can be anywhere, from existing theatres and concert halls to repurposed spaces like bars, parks, buses and shipping containers.

When does the Fringe take place?

The next Harrisburg Fringe Festival takes place

July 18-24, 2024

Something for everyone, even kids!

Check out our ticketing site to find programming appropriate for kids. Use the filters at the top to find shows that are age appropriate.

Supporting the Fringe

The Harrisburg Fringe Festival is a project of 717 Arts Incorporated. Donations are tax-deductible and help support the festival. Every penny you give makes a difference, helping us to develop the services we provide for performers and audience.

There are a number of ways of supporting the Harrisburg Fringe Festival, from one-time donations, to sponsorship opportunities.

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