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Running a venue

Venue types

There are 3 types of venues; fringe managed venues, BYOVs (bring your own venue), and site-specific venues

Fringe managed venues

Fringe Managed Venues are venues operated directly by Harrisburg Fringe Festival. Artists apply to be hosted in one of these venues, then must be drawn and accepted via our lottery. 

BYOV - Bring Your Own Venue

BYOVs, are performance venues operated by a partner organization as an extended branch of the Harrisburg Fringe. BYOV productions are included in Fringe-operated ticket sales and marketing but receive no tech support or venue management from the festival. BYOV productions also have fewer restrictions on performance length, total performances, etc.

If you have questions about the BYOV process, please email

Site-specific venues

In addition to Festival Managed Venues and Bring Your Own Venues, Harrisburg Fringe also allows artists the opportunity to present shows in a site-specific format. These are considered “found spaces”, not in a traditional theatre space. For example, outside underneath a tree, in an empty retail space, or someone’s backyard!

Want to offer up your venue?

Contact us to open up your space to artists in the community!

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