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What is a Fringe Festival?

A Fringe is a grassroots Festival that gives a spotlight to all forms of art, including theater, dance, puppetry, magic, music, visual arts, and spoken word. Fringes are a performing arts smörgåsbord.​

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About the Harrisburg Fringe Festival

The Harrisburg Fringe Festival is an arts festival that takes place across the city of Harrisburg annually in July—connecting adventurous artists, venues, and audiences by empowering artistic expression in a spirit of community celebration. HBG Fringe is inclusive, unjuried, & uncensored, with 100% of ticket sales given back to the artists. Working with local businesses, the Harrisburg Fringe Festival not only enriches the cultural tapestry of the region but also stimulates economic vibrancy, contributing to the overall prosperity of the community.

It’s Inclusive. All art and artists are welcome to submit their work: dance, spoken word, theatre, comedy, drag, music, painting, and more – if an artist considers it art, so do we.
It’s Unjuried.  Performers represented in the HFF will be selected by lottery, not by committee.
It’s Uncensored. It is not for the HFF to say what might or might not be suitable for audiences. We will have designated categories for kids and families, as well as content warnings, but the participants’ art will only be “assessed” by the audiences they attract.

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