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Join us for the 1st Annual Harrisburg Fringe Festival!

  • Click here for a complete list of shows, including descriptions, ratings, content warnings, and more!

  • You must purchase a 2023 Harrisburg Fringe Festival Button to see any performance. Buttons can be bought at checkout or any venue during the festival.
    *Please note: You only need to purchase one button per person for the entire festival!

  • Please see as many shows as possible! Try something new! Do something weird!

100% of ticket sales go to artists

The Harrisburg Fringe Festival gives all the money earned from ticket sales directly back to the artists. We are providing artists with financial vitality. Because when artists make money, they can keep creating art.

100% unjuried

Participants in this festival are selected on a first-come, first-served basis or through a lottery. This means a veteran artist has as much of a chance of having their show picked to perform as someone who has never performed in their life!

100% uncensored

We at Fringe have no control over the artistic content of any of the performances at our festival. Artistic freedom is unrestrained, and allows artists to be true to their craft and uphold their artistic integrity.

100% accessible

Festivals must provide the opportunity for all audiences and all artists to participate. From maintaining an affordable ticket cost to providing venues to enjoy performances, accessibility is at the heart of what we do. 

100% inclusive

The nature of a festival is to be welcoming and inviting to all. The goal of HBG Fringe has always been to bring diverse elements of society together and have something for everybody. Truly, anyone can Fringe. And we welcome all with open arms. 

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